Sky Comparative 2. 

The sunset is a different color every day. Fascinating how it can go from pastel to metallic in a matter of days.. Who knows what it’ll be tomorrow?

So put me on! Don’t be afraid! […]
For I’m a Thinking Cap! (insp.)


Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Because some of y’all missed it and/or need ya blessins one mo time


It honestly breaks my heart to think that somewhere in the world right now, Jennifer Lawrence (in addition to multiple other women) may very well be crying her eyes out because her privacy has been greatly compromised in one of the most awful ways possible. This is so fucking disgusting and whoever did this is a fucking low-life pig.


The Hunger Games + Peacekeepers


[seductively takes off glasses]

wow you’re fucking blurry

you couldn’t  a f f o r d  me